When meeting someone for the first time, people tend to judge others based on their appearance. This Tet, let's break free from these biases and savor the joy of togetherness by sharing the delightful taste of Cosy biscuits.
EP. 1: Feeling small
Facing your future in-laws feels like being under a microscope, as they scrutinize you with judging stares and questions about jobs, salary, and family. 
EP. 2: Trying to be cool
Playing with trendy Vietnamese slang: "as cold as a crocodile" and "as girly as a goldfish" to humorously visualize the judging thoughts upon the first meet.
Client: Mondelez Vietnam
Agency: Dentsu One Vietnam
Executive Creative Director: Andy Soong
Associate Creative Director: Nguyen Le
Art Director: Gia Huynh
Copywriter: Hoang Ho
Production House: 116 Pictures

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